Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Get Some (Good) Business

Yesterday I set forth the basic premise that any business involves 3 steps....getting the business, doing the work, and dealing with finances. I promised that today we would "get us some business".

Where does new law business come from? I can (and will) give you at least 27 places it comes from, but first I want to ask a better question. Where does GOOD law business come from and how can you make it come to YOU? Isn't it worth asking, what would be the best type of new business for YOU?

For those who are cost conscious, there's something nice about asking what YOUR good business would be. The nice thing is asking this question "doesn't cost nuthin'".......'cept maybe some time and some thought. Which leads to a "new business tip"

TIP: If you are not willing to spend some time and thought on what kind of cases you want in your new business......keep sending out those resumes till you get a job.....opening a practice is not for you. Does that seem a bit harsh? Let me assure you of something.....I promise you can get plenty of law business, plenty of new clients and new's really easy. But if you load up your plate with bad business you will have big problems doing the work, and bigger problems with your finances. And when that happens, you will also not spend QUALITY time getting new good business. You will be in that vicious cycle of "crappy cases, tons of work, small money.....crappy cases, tons of work, small money". This is called "typical general practice". And, uh, I didn't read about this in a book!

My point is, things might end up this way, it is a way to live, and a living can be made, BUT....
this is not the only way to go about it. A little forethought could have you marketing for GOOD cases and get you on the way to a successful, rewarding practice, for much more money.

What do I mean by GOOD cases for YOU? Here are a few characteristics:

1. You either know the area of law really well, or are willing to learn it. Put another way, you have a passion for it, or could acquire passion.
2. You could see yourself referring to yourself as a ".......... lawyer" and be proud of it.
3. You enjoy talking about this type of case, hearing about this type of case, and reading about this type of case.
4. You could see yourself writing a letter to other lawyers suggesting they refer you this type of case, and see yourself as being respected by other lawyers for your knowledge of this type of case, and that thought feels good. If you could not see doing this now, you would want to know enough to be able to do it in the future. (which in fact you WILL do) to get GOOD cases for YOU, and

27 ways to get all kinds of new law business (because no matter what I say about marketing for GOOD business for YOU....people still want 27 ways to get all kinds of new law business). I will tell you at least 27 basic ways to get new law business, even though, it will be like when I walk Dovie and he pees on a fire hydrant, and I have to say to him "That's old school". He always looks at me as if to say, "Yeah, but I still like to do it sometimes" 27 ways it will be, old school or not.

Hasta maƱana.

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