Monday, December 22, 2014

10 Year End Law Practice Observations

As the year ends we often reflect on the state of our practice.  When we do this, we are really looking at three things:

- How/what have we been doing?
- Where are we now?
- Where do we want to go?

Here are 10 observations gleaned from opening my own practice right out of law school, and still going at it 32 years later: 

1.  Clients are in your office because they need help solving a problem.  Thus, by its very nature, law practice involves dealing with people who have problems (on many and various levels).  If you don't like this, things will be rough.  (Note - it took me a long time to figure this one out)

2.  To do lists are OK.  Way better is a prioritized list where item #1 gets finished.

3.  Making good referrals is a win-win-win (for you, the referred attorney, and the client).  Commit to making more excellent referrals.

4.  If you have matters where you should be billing, BILL and follow up.  Not everyone has a problem with this, but some do.  If this is you, commit to improving.

5.  If you have a list of things you SHOULD do, notice how often you say this and how you are short-changing yourself.  If you say you should have a better website, or a blog, or a practice management program, start DOING IT!!  Related to this is:  If you need help, get help.

6.  If you have cases where you know you should end your involvement, take action.

7.  Recognize that even if you made some bad decisions last year, you made a lot of good ones.  A collective pat on the back is in order.

8.  While you are waiting for you career to get going, in reality it is already happening.  

9.  Knowing that you can refine how you define (yourself) is very empowering.

10. As tough as law practice can be, when you look back and are able to say "What a long, strange trip its been", you will smile and know that it was worth it.

Happy holidays and New Year to all!!!


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