Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Me This

Whoever said "the best things in life are free" may have been talking about Google. You have to respect a company whose name is now commonly used as a verb. I "google" things every day. I try to pay attention to questions great and trivial, and if I have any interest in knowing more, I google.

Yesterday the Steve Miller song "The Joker" was playing. For the 1000th time I wondered what the "Pompatus of Love" I googled it. Here is one of the answers

You want song lyrics? Here's The Turtles "Happy Together"

Want to know how to get gum out of hair?

I keep track of questions that arise during the day, so I can google them later.

Why am I blogging about this? Two reasons:

1. It's fun. If you don't already do this, try it and see what I mean.
2. If you ever thought about marketing in your business or profession, (and I think about this a lot in the lawyering biz) must think about how people will use Google to find you. I am particularly interested in how people use google to find lawyers.

More on this tomorrow....

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