Monday, June 25, 2007

Isn't it True.....????

As I start my second 25 years in practice, here are a few observations about lawyering......

Isn't it true......

.....that most criminal clients are nicer than civil litigants?

.....that Judges who have never practiced can really hurt you?

.....that getting a retainer is not so hard, getting paid beyond the retainer is harder?

.....that in practice, it never matters where you went to school or what your grades were?

.....that whenever a new client tells you that people involved in the case have been "paid off", you know they are nuts and you want out?

.....that you could have been a psychologist?

.....that truth IS stranger than fiction?

.....that when you deal with extended families, very often "stupid is as stupid does"?

.....that small money cases drive you crazier than big money cases?

.....that some files are jinxed?

.....that when a client wants you to send a "lawyer letter", you know it isn't going to do anything?

.....that you don't know what people who have "real jobs" actually do?

.....that people who have real jobs have no idea what YOU actually do?

.....that you have thought about changing careers many times?

.....that you could write a book?

.....that the longer you practice, the more you realize how much you don't know?

.....that knowing how much you don't know is not only OK, it's one of the best parts about lawyering?

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