Monday, January 1, 2007

Refine How You Define

Happy New Year! Todays topic can be viewed as helpful advice, and can be adopted as a resolution.......REFINE HOW YOU DEFINE
How many opportunities do we have to answer the question "What do you do?" The answer can say a lot to the questioner, in both content and tone, but it should also say a lot to YOU. Do you notice how you answer the question? Do you use vague generalities? "I am in general practice.....I do a lot of different things.....I do some real estate, some estates, some litigation.....I work for a small firm......" Do you give a disparaging answer? (How would you view someone who defined themselves as doing something they hated......and then when you saw them again a year later they said the same thing? It sickens me to recall having answered that way) Are you enthusiastic?
Here are some basic suggestions:
1. Observe how you answer that question (or would answer it, hypothetically)
2. THINK about what it indicates: (a) to the hearer, and (b) to yourself
3. Experiment with some different ways to answer, first by thinking of some, and then trying them out when asked (btw, you will be amazed how many opportunites you have to answer the question), and then follow the above.....observe your response, and THINK about what it indicates to the hearer and to yourself.
4. Keep refining how you define, it will move you in the right direction.

You will also notice that specificity, and specializing in SOMETHING(s) improves your approach to practice, and results in new, QUALITY business........

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