Tuesday, January 30, 2007

19 Quick Business Tips and Ideas

Here is a quick list of tips and ideas that can help a practice. I will not elaborate in this post, I'm just going to list them and post further on some of these later. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, and hopefully will inspire some action.....

1. Let other lawyers know you are available in "conflict of interest" situations.
2. If you want to see how other lawyers market, do some web-surfing and look at lawyer sites, especially your "competitors".
3. Make sure your office staff and family members know what kind of cases you would like to have referred.
4. Open a "case file" for marketing.
5. Spruce up your printed material, consider specialized roladex cards (I did really well with this one).
6. Pay special attention to "ethnic community leaders".
7. Answer classified ads in the law journal for special situations.
8. Establish a relationship with an older lawyer thinking about retirement.
9. Get rid of bad situations fast and effectively.
10.Find out how to get court appointments on Civil matters.
11. Have a budget for marketing, and spend the time to spend the money effectively.
12. Consider a direct mail campaign to other attorneys.
13. Consider taking payment by credit card. Its VERY easy to do.
14. Refine your intake procedures.
15. Thank your referral sources appropriately.
16. Think about how you answer THE question "What do you do?"
17. Return calls the same day. Consider telephone appointments.
18. Refer business to other professionals and businesses.
19. Pursue interests you enjoy, having nothing to do with law. Not only is this crucial for mental health and happiness, but you get more quality business from this than all the others combined. Hard to fathom, but TRUE.

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